Lab Members

Lists of outputs and current projects can be accessed from each member’s home page.


Lab Member Expertise
Professor Gleb Beliakov 


Fuzzy systems, computational intelligence, numerical approximation and machine learning


Associate Professor Vicky Mak-Hau


Optimisation, exact algorithms, meta-heuristics


Dr habil. Marek Gagolewski Machine learning, clustering, data aggregation and fusion, statistical modelling, complex networks
Dr. Simon James Aggregation functions, variation indices, computational intelligence, fuzzy measures
Dr. Reinier Diaz Millan  


Ms. Hue Chi (Trudy) Lam  


Dr. Kerri Morgan


Graphs model networks, biological networks, transport networks, and social networks


Dr. Iynkaran Natgunanathan  


Dr. Sergey Polyakovskiy


Optimisation, constraint programming


Mr. Zafaryab Rasool  


Juan Calle Salazar  


Dr. Julien Ugon Nonsmooth optimisation, optimisation algorithms, approximation theory
Dr. Guillermo Pineda Villavicencio Combinatorics, in particular related to graph theory and polytope theory   


Juan Esteban Muriel Villegas  




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