Research Project: Novel audio watermarking techniques for tracing multimedia piracy

ARC Linkage Projects; Industry partner: Flag Explore

Yong Xiang, Wanlei Zhou, Gleb Beliakov and Longxiang Gao

With the rapid growth of communication networks and the use of advanced multimedia technology, digital multimedia data can be easily copied, manipulated and distributed. This has led to strong demand for new techniques to prevent illegal use of copyrighted data.

In this project, Deakin University and Flag Explore will develop inaudible, robust and high-capacity audio watermarking techniques to trace the illegal copying and distribution of multimedia data containing a sound component, such as audios and sound videos.

The outcomes of the project will greatly advance audio watermarking research, strengthen Australia’s competitiveness in this research area, and help prevent huge financial and job losses in the Australian multimedia industry.

Category list: Research Projects

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