Our Team

Dr Kate Hall – Principal Investigator & Co-Developer 
Dr Kate Hall is a clinical psychologist and senior lecturer in addiction and mental health at Deakin University. Her research focuses on the role of emotion dysregulation as a transdiagnostic treatment target for vulnerable young people with complex mental health and substance use issues. She leads the treatment steam at the Deakin Centre for Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Research (CEDAAR).

Dr Angela Simpson – Co-Developer & Lead ERIC Coach
Dr Angela Simpson is a health psychologist and research fellow who has experience working as an evaluator, researcher and clinician in the drug and alcohol field. Her clinical research has examined the treatment of co-existing borderline personality disorder and substance use disorder, and the translation of motivational interviewing and other evidence-based treatments within the area of addiction and mental health. Angela co-developed ERIC and leads the competency based training model.

Dr Elise Sloan 

Dr Elise Sloan is a research fellow and psychologist working on the ERIC team as both a researcher and coach. Elise submitted her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Deakin University which examined the role of emotion regulation as a transdiagnostic construct across mental health and substance use disorders in vulnerable young people.

Associate Professor Petra Staiger
Associate Professor Petra Staiger is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Research (CEDAAR) at Deakin University.

Dr George Youssef
Dr George Youssef is a Lecturer at Deakin University and a Clinical Neuropsychologist.

Lucinda Leggett, Senior Youth AOD Clinician, ERIC Coach

Research Students

Natalie James DPsych (Clinical) candidate Natalie is currently completing her clinical doctorate examining the substance use and borderline personality disorder.

Brogan Nunn DPsych (Clinical) Brogan completed her clinical doctorate in 2021 examining the relationship between emotion regulation, childhood maltreatment and substance use and borderline personality disorder.

Valentina Bianchi, MPsych (Clinical) Valentina completed her Masters of Clinical Psychology at Deakin in 2016. Her thesis examined the relationship between emotional clarity, disordered eating and emotional distress in young people.

Lee Hutchinson, MPsych (Clinical)  Lee completed his masters in clinical psychology, examining urgency and substance use issues in treatment seeking polysubstance users.

Dana Borg, DPsych (Clinical) Candidate
Dana completed her clinical doctorate in 2021 examining rumination and emotion regulation as they relate to emotional and behavioural dysregulation.

Sophie Mattingley, DPsych (Clinical) Candidate
Sophie is studying the role of urgency, emotion regulation and distress tolerance in eating, substance and borderline personality disorders.

Naomi de Weger, MPsych (Clinical) Candidate
Naomi examined the role of distress tolerance in vulnerable young people with substance use disorders.