What is ERIC?

ERIC is a modular program designed to promote healthy social and emotional development for adolescents and young adults by cultivating helpful Emotion Regulation and Impulse Control skills.

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ERIC is appropriate for vulnerable young people seeking help in Alcohol and other Drug (AOD), mental health, youth justice and primary care settings who present with complex issues.

How was ERIC Developed?

ERIC has been piloted with young people with mental health and substance use issues. ERIC was developed in consultation with young service users in residential rehabilitation, drop in centres, youth justice and primary mental health services. ERIC was developed by drawing on the theoretical literature on emotion regulation, empirically supported psychological treatments, and the implementation science literature. ERIC was then trialled with young service users to make sure it is relatable and acceptable. ERIC has also been extensively piloted with practitioners to ensure that it is feasible to deliver and translatable to youth settings.

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