ERIC Training

ERIC incorporates a competency based implementation model. This model has been developed to build capacity in all youth sectors and to aid in implementation fidelity. The model is based on best practice implementation methodology and highlights that adherence and competency in ERIC will maximise positive outcomes for young people. 

ERIC Training and Implementation Model

  1. ERIC training workshop (1 day)
  2. ERIC coaching (4-6 telephone sessions)
  3. Personalised feedback on ERIC adherence (1 phone session)
  4. ERIC certificate of competency
  5. Video training resources

What is involved?

The ERIC training model involves attendance at a one-day workshop with the developers of ERIC. A license agreement gives all practitioners at your service access to the digital ERIC resources for a 12-month period.

ERIC competency training (optional)

In addition to the one-day workshop, ERIC competency training involves a 12-week training and coaching period including:

  • Up to 6 telephone coaching sessions with an ERIC coach
  • Personalised coaching and feedback on applying ERIC in practice
  • Assessment for certification as ERIC competent
  • ERIC certificate of competency

Training costs

  • All access to ERIC resources through online 12 month Licence fee.
  • Prices on application per organisation for One-day workshop and/or 12 week competency training (includes 1-day workshop).

Who delivers the training?

The ERIC one-day workshop is delivered by the developer of ERIC, Dr Kate Hall. She is supported by a team of accredited ERIC Coaches who deliver the competency-based coaching.

  • Dr Kate Hall: Is the Principal Researcher for ERIC and the lead facilitator of the one-day training workshop.
  • Dr Angela Simpson: Developed the ERIC coaching and competency-based assessment. 
  • Lucinda Leggett is an accredited ERIC coach.

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