What age range is ERIC appropriate for?
ERIC has been co-designed and piloted with young people aged between 16 and 25 years.

What does training involve?
Training involves attendance at a one-day workshop and is supported by access to a digital practitioner resource manual and training videos. There is an optional competency based training which includes additional telephone-based support by an ERIC coach during a 12 week period.

What does coaching involve?
Case-based discussions about the use of ERIC with young people and brainstorming the appropriate ERIC worksheet or process to deliver. Coaching aims to increase practitioner’s confidence in delivering ERIC, providing an opportunity to get feedback from an experienced ERIC coach.

Who can deliver ERIC?
ERIC was developed for use by a range of workers and practitioners who are involved in delivering treatment or support to young people. ERIC empowers adults who work with vulnerable young people to model, teach and build good emotion regulation habits.

Can I use the worksheets without attending the training workshop?
We would recommend that you attend the one-day workshop in order to familiarise yourself with ERIC and the ERIC World View. Once you have paid the licence fee, you will have access to the ERIC resources for 12 months.

Where can I attend ERIC training?
Training workshops can be delivered to your team or a group of practitioners from different services, with a minimum of 12 participants. Maximum participants at a training workshop is 20. Contact us to discuss the needs of your organisation.

Can I register to attend a one-day workshop?
There are currently no scheduled training workshops. 

How many sessions does it take to deliver ERIC to clients?
ERIC is designed to be flexible and modular with no set number of sessions.   

What is the evidence base of ERIC?
A summary of ERIC research is available here