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Students on a DeakinAbroad study tour in Malaysia

22 March 2024

Health students, further your studies in 2024 with a study tour to Asia!

Want to see the world as you study? We’re offering eligible Faculty of Health students the opportunity to undertake a School of Nursing & Midwifery study tour in Thailand or a Food and Nutrition study tour in Malaysia.

These are amazing opportunities to gain course credit, tick off some real-world work experience and enhance your professional skills – all the while getting to experience these wonderful cultures first-hand!

Nursing and Midwifery Study Tour (Thailand)

Are you a nursing student looking to gain real-world, cross-cultural experience? This two-week study tour to Thailand, where you’ll travel to the cities of Bangkok and Chiang Rai, will provide you a unique opportunity to learn about international contexts of nursing and midwifery.

Running during June–July 2024, you’ll gain first-hand opportunities to enhance your understanding of cross-cultural health care and health systems, with activities designed to link you with policy makers, health care workers, health consumers and health agencies in Thailand.

In addition to visiting ICU, emergency, pediatric and Nursing Council Museum facilities, you’ll also visit traditional Thai medicine hospitals to learn about complementary medicine, undertake community health assessment activities, go on cultural tours of Bangkok and Chiang Rai, plus much more!

To find out if you’re eligible and to apply, see the Deakin Abroad webpage. Applications close on Sunday 24 March.

Food and Nutrition Study Tour (Malaysia)

The School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences will be running the Food and Nutrition Study Tour again in 2024!

This year, we will travel to Malaysia where you will be offered useful insights on the local nutrition landscape, food production, healthcare, and policies. On this two-week study tour, running during November–December 2024, you will have many diverse opportunities to learn about the context of food, nutrition and health from an international perspective.

This study tour is open to second- or third-year undergraduate and postgraduate students who are studying a course with a nutrition or food science focus.

To find out if you’re eligible and to apply, see the Deakin Abroad webpage. Applications close on Sunday 31 March.

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