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1 March 2024

Help cut down on paper with these changes to on-campus printing

Sustainability is one of Deakin’s core values, and we are always exploring new ways to reduce waste across our campuses. As part of this commitment, we’re making changes to how on-campus print services will be offered.

To encourage everyone to stay mindful of how much printing they are doing, we are giving you an allocation and limit of $100 worth of credits to print per month going forward.

This will be more than most students use in a month, so it shouldn’t cause inconvenience to your studies, but we still recommend thinking about your printing habits and how you can help reduce paper wastage.

How much can I print?

Each month, your printing credit balance will automatically reset to $100. These credits will not carry over or accumulate from month to month.

When you print something using a Deakin printer, the cost of that item will be deducted from your credit balance. Again, we will provide these credits to students, so there will be no actual cost to you. 

You’ll receive an email to warn you when you’re approaching your monthly limit. Going over your limit means you’ll no longer be able to print from Deakin’s printers for the rest of the month. You’ll need to find alternate services outside of Deakin to do further printing.

$100 worth of printing single-sided A4 could get you around 1000 copies in black and white or over 300 copies in colour, so you should have more than enough to cover your printing needs.

If you have a specific reason you will need to exceed your printing quota to enable your studies, such as part of your Access Plan, allowances can be made through the IT Help Desk.

See the cost of print options below.

Print cost

Print TypeA4 costA3 cost
Greyscale (Black and white)$0.10$0.25 
Greyscale, double-sided $0.20 $0.50 
Colour $0.30 $0.50  
Colour, double-sided $0.60 $1.00 

Checking your print balance

You can view your current remaining print balance, as well as your print jobs and total pages you’ve printed, by logging into the PaperCut app with your Deakin username and password while connected to Deakin’s network over eduroam wi-fi or a network cable.

What can I print?

Please remember that Deakin’s printers are available to help you and your fellow students in your studies. Only print things relevant to your studies, and avoid using Uni printers for non-university personal use.

Misuse of printers or use for things other than your studies may result in you losing your printing privileges or further action as per the Information and Communications Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

Tips for cutting down on printing

If you find yourself doing a lot of printing, we urge you to consider how you might cut down, such as:

How to print at Deakin

To print on campus from a personal computer or mobile device, you’ll need to download and install software referred to as a ‘client’. Head to Deakin’s Software Library, search for ‘Printing’, and install the client to get started.  Please note, that you must be connected to Deakin’s wi-fi network (Eduroam) to install this. 

You can find further instructions and help setting-up and using printing on campus, whether from a Deakin computer or your own device, through the Print@Deakin – Support Homepage.

Need Support? 

As always, the IT Service Desk is available to assist you with your Deakin specific IT issues. Please submit a ticket, initiate a chat online, or give them a call if you get stuck. 

We will continue to review the printing limit in line with Deakin’s sustainability goals.

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