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Student sitting on bench near pond at Waurn Ponds Campus

3 August 2022

Construction work underway at Waurn Ponds Campus: what you need to know

Have you noticed some temporary fencing at our Waurn Ponds Campus? We’ve begun our pond upgrade works, so there will be some minor disruptions in certain locations until late November.

As part of our Integrated Water Management (IWM) Plan, we’re converting our network of ponds into a constructed wetland system. One by one, our six ponds will be drained, built-up sediment removed, banks re-shaped and aquatic plants added. Aquatic animals are being temporarily relocated and will be safely placed back in the wetlands after construction.

Once the wetland system is complete, we can expect to attract a more diverse range of water birds, frogs and other aquatic fauna, and we’ll re-populate the wetlands with native fish. There will be a significantly reduced chance of flooding, less erosion and sediment build-up, and cleaner water flowing into Waurn Ponds Creek.

We’ve recently begun work on pond 5 (behind Building JB) and pond 6 (near Entrance one), so at these locations you’ll notice temporary fencing, excavation works, some intermittent construction noise and tradespeople working. You may also need to take some minor detours if you’re walking past the work zones.

Ponds 5 and 6 are highlighted in the map below (just click on the image for a larger version):

Aerial view of Waurn Ponds campus with ponds 5 and 6 highlighted

Find out more about this work or contact the Infrastructure and Property Group with any queries.

How we’re creating a Climate Ready Campus

Managing and protecting water, one of our scarcest resources, is integral to our sustainability approach and vision to create a Climate Ready Campus. It’s connected to our ability to mitigate and adapt to climate change risks and enhance biodiversity.

The IWM Plan for the Waurn Ponds Campus is an important intervention that considers the water cycle as a holistic system and approaches water management in a collaborative and interconnected way.

It aims to respond to significant water-related challenges like flooding, securing an alternative water supply to the campus, protecting and restoring waterways near the campus, and using the Waurn Ponds environment as a ‘living laboratory’ for applied research and teaching. Importantly, it also emphasises the social value of water, recognising how our waterways contribute to healthy ecosystems, liveability and a sense of place.

Read more about the IWM Plan at Waurn Ponds.

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