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Students chatting in communal area at Burwood Campus

15 October 2021

Are you looking for ways to adjust to uni, make new friends or lift your grades? Find out how a peer mentor can help you

If you’ve ever received help from a peer mentor, you’ll understand how valuable another student’s perspective can be when navigating uni life.

That’s why Deakin has a range of specialised peer mentors available to help you find answers for your queries, understand your subjects and improve your academic skills.

Here we explore the many ways in which a peer mentor can benefit you as we enter Trimester 3. 

I’m new to Deakin in T3, I don’t know anyone and there’s a lot to take in – help!

Starting university and adjusting to the new routine can feel daunting at first. That’s why peer mentors are here to help you settle in and make a great start to your blended studies with a range of programs to guide your transition into uni life.

See the Students Helping Students Hub for more information about Deakin’s various peer mentor opportunities.

I’m struggling with a subject and worried I won’t pass or get the grade I need. 

For help with a specific unit of study, join a PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) group led by a student who has previously completed the unit with high marks. It’s also a good opportunity for you to chat about your work with other students outside of a formal class setting.

‘PASS sessions will allow you to talk through any problems you’re having and connect with other students undertaking that unit,’ said student and PASS Leader Liz Mulvany.

‘We don’t just engage with the unit content, we investigate so much more: How do I reference properly? How do I unpack difficult problems? What are good ways to take notes? Where can I find extra support if I need it? How do I get the most out of my online resources?’

You can check to see if your unit will have PASS sessions this study period by accessing the T3 PASS timetable.

I’m not confident when it comes to creating assignments.

‘The majority of questions that come my way are usually regarding referencing. Another common writing problem I commonly see from students is not knowing where to start in writing their assessment. Sometimes what students need is just another student to listen to them,’ said Jess Hay, a Bachelor of Forensic Science (Hons) student and one of Deakin’s Writing Mentors.

‘Reach out for assistance, even if it is just getting someone to listen to your ideas or bounce ideas off.’

Writing Mentors are all-rounders who can help you with unpacking assignment questions, researching, academic writing, referencing and time management. You can drop in at specified times for Writing Mentors sessions this trimester.

Maths subjects stress me out and I’m stuck!

Are you enrolled to study a maths or science subject, or a subject that has some maths content, and feeling a little out of your depth when it comes to equations?

‘The most common problems students have [with maths] are confidence issues,’ Maths Mentor and Chemistry student Daniel Coomber said recently.

‘A lot of students … will have a very good idea of what they are meant to be doing, but they will just mess up one step in a question because they are not confident about their answer. Then solving the whole problem goes wrong.’

Maths Mentors will help you build your confidence to complete maths assignments and they can refer you to helpful resources that will strengthen your skills. Attend a Maths Mentors drop-in session this study period.

Want more information? Visit the Current Students website for more information about Deakin’s Students Helping Students programs.

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