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May 1, 2024

Library Research News: May Edition

Welcome to the first issue of Library Research News, a new section of the library’s Article blog with content specifically for the Deakin research community. Each month we’ll feature topics of interest to researchers, a roundup of research-related events, and other news to support the library’s commitment to partnering with researchers.

In this issue

Research metrics for academic promotion

With Academic Promotions season approaching, we have prepared a handy list of steps to ensure researchers are prepared and to make it easier to access information about your research metrics and author profiles.

1. Maintain accurate and up-to-date author profiles

A well-maintained author profile not only enhances your professional credibility but also facilitates the discovery of your work by colleagues, collaborators and potential employers. We strongly recommend that you review and ensure the completeness of your author profiles across platforms such as:

2. Access the Research Metrics Dashboard

To assist you in understanding and showcasing your publication metrics effectively, please visit Research Metrics Dashboard. Here, you can access comprehensive insights into the list of your publications from Elements, their citation counts and journal rankings. It also provides a summary report of your publications and metrics, based on your Scopus author profile.

3. Use altmetrics

It’s important for researchers to have a holistic picture of their metrics. In today’s diverse scholarly landscape, traditional metrics like citation counts are complemented by altmetrics, which capture the broader impact of research across various platforms and social media channels. Deakin University maintains institutional subscriptions to Overton and Altmetric Explorer. These powerful altmetrics tools enable you to track and analyse the visibility and influence of your research across a wide range of sources, including social media mentions, news coverage, policy documents and more.

4. Explore additional research metrics

Explore our Research Metrics Toolkit, which provides valuable information and tools to help you understand and effectively utilise various research metrics. Specifically, you can find detailed guidance on metrics for non-traditional research outputs (NTROs) by visiting this page.

For more information, please see our Self help guide for research metrics or contact your Librarian for a discussion. Please note that the library no longer produces customised research metrics reports for the purpose of academic promotion.

Hot tip: Research Metrics Dashboard

Our Research Metrics Dashboard provides a summary of your publications and research metrics. Use this dashboard data for your grant applications or academic promotion applications.

Preview of the profile on Research Metrics Dashboard of Ms Jane Doe

Get the most out of the dashboard by keeping your Elements and Scopus author profiles up to date.

Event roundup for May

14 May – Publishing and open access

This session will help you to develop your publication strategy. You will learn how to select publishers and journals that will contribute to your goals and priorities, the individual and societal benefits of publishing research openly and the different routes for open access publishing. You will also learn how to use different tools to find and evaluate relevant journals, including interpreting journal metrics and rankings and how to recognise red flags across the scholarly publishing landscape.

Learn more and register

28 May Responsible use of GenAI in research

This session will help you to develop your understanding of the responsible use of Generative AI tools in research and the importance of maintaining awareness of and compliance with policy and guidelines. You will explore case examples of GenAI use in different stages of the research life cycle and considerations for choosing and using GenAI tools in research.  

Learn more and register

Missed out? Watch the recordings of our March and April ILP workshops (SSO required)


Library Research News is a monthly publication from Deakin Library, publishing library-related news for Deakin researchers. To stay in the loop, please subscribe to Article or access our latest issue via Research Matters.

To access library research services, please contact your Librarian or navigate to Research via the Library website. The library’s team of Scholarly Services Librarians bring discipline-specific expertise to the delivery of library research services related to the following key areas:

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