WLC Seminar – Hayley Elliott-Ryan speaks… 20 July 12n

SEMINAR PRESENTATION by Hayley Elliott-Ryan (Deakin University).

When: Wednesday 20 July from 12.00 noon to 1.00 pm.



Meeting ID: 836 6279 8172. Password: 93498519

Title: “Sorting Waste from Garbage: Refuse and Recuperation in Writing and Visual Arts Practices”


In my reading about categories of wasting and garbage, I have observed that waste and garbage are used synonymously in writings about refuse. There is a nondistinction between the two terms. In this paper, ‘Sorting Waste from Garbage’, I will argue that these two terms, waste and garbage, have different implications. I consider the lineage of thought which seeks to upset these categories, and turn to the literary works of Don DeLillo, Alexis Wright, and Michel Tournier, as well as visual arts practices which demonstrate resonant troubles. This exercise in differentiating concepts of waste and garbage, and the impact of this activity of differentiation, remains a significant motor of my ongoing research.


Hayley Elliott-Ryan is a writer of fiction, poetry and performance works. She recently completed a PhD at Deakin University in the area of narrative impasse, waste, excess, currency, and interventionist narratological methods. With Antonia Pont, she founded c i n d e r journal which publishes articles in the areas of writing, and creative expression for HDRs/ECRs, and is ongoing co-managing editor.