The Big Anxiety Festival – Poetic Solidarities with Evelyn Araluen 5 October

Poetic Solidarities: Claudia Rankine and Evelyn Araluen

WHERE The Capitol

WHEN Wednesday, 5 Oct 2022, 06:30pm – 07:30pm

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Claudia Rankine joins Evelyn Araluen via live cross for a far-reaching conversation that expands on their collaborative contribution to The Big Anxiety: Taking Care of Mental Health in Time of Crisis. 

Featuring Claudia Rankine Evelyn Araluen


Join two highly celebrated poets and thinkers, Claudia Rankine and Evelyn Araluen, as they hold a rigorous and collaborative live conversation that expands on their co-written essay “Poetic Solidarities” from The Big Anxiety: Taking Care of Mental Health in Time of Crisis. 

This is a thrilling opportunity to witness a deeply-considered and far-reaching discussion of the potential of poetry for political resistance. Through the shared lens of their work as poets and academics, Rankine and Araluen will consider the ways Western psychiatry and conceptions of mental health can enable institutional racism, colonialism, and operate as extensions of oppressive structures like the medical and industrial prison complex.

Claudia Rankine will join Evelyn Araluen and the audience via live cross.

Presented in partnership with RMIT Culture and UNSW as part of The Big Anxiety


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