The Big Anxiety Festival – Brain Storms: Creativity and Mental Health 6 Oct

Illustration by Megan Herbert.

Brain Storms: Creativity and Mental Health

WHERE The Capitol

WHEN Thursday, 6 Oct 2022, 06:30pm – 07:30pm

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Join a panel of artists – including Sorrow and Bliss author Meg Mason, photographer Daniel Regan and composer and multidisciplinary storyteller Stéphanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe – as they discuss various approaches and responsibilities when crafting creative depictions of mental health.  

Featuring Meg Mason Daniel Regan Stéphanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe


In any year, around 1 in 5 Australians will experience a common mental health disorder, but cultural depictions of mental health can fail to grasp the complexities of its felt experience. Sorrow and Bliss author Meg Mason and photographer Daniel Regan have both used their art to explore this issue that is at once ordinary and obscure. Whether implicitly or explicitly, their recent work innovatively engages with the reality of complex mental health experiences.

With host Stéphanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe, they’ll discuss the mechanics of representing the lived experience of mental health challenges and creating depictions that are authentic and relatable, yet free from stereotype or reduction.

This will be an expansive discussion about the ways in which art can be used to explore and better understand the nuances of mental health.

Presented in partnership with RMIT Culture and UNSW as part of The Big Anxiety


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