Tarryn Mallick’s snotpocalypse…

Tarryn Mallick is a graduate from the Deakin writing program. She had a story to tell…about snot!…and it has now grown into a book, to be launched on 26 October 2021 – details from her website here…or follow her instagram @tarrynmallickauthor

“…It may seem strange to write a book about boogers, but growing up, my little brother tormented me with his snot every… single… day!

I got my degree in Creative and Professional Writing and studied numerous courses and books, applying everything I had learnt to my book. It took me a short six years and now Snotlings is nearly ready to be shared with everyone.”

Snotlings is a laugh out loud thriller starring boogers and germs. Jackson has a civilisation of tiny creatures called snotlings living up his nose and when he accidentally picks one out, it starts the snotpocalypse!

Although there’s some gross moments, the story focuses on friendship and courage.

Check Tarryn’s website for details of where to buy the book – or check through Amazon.