Postcards from Abroad – Salman Rushdie’s sea of stories…from 15 February

The Wheeler Centre encourages many Postcards from Abroad digital events throughout the year, click on the graphic to see the March program. 

When we’ve been apart for so long, there’s a lot to catch up on. We’re reopening the borders of the written word and reigniting global cultural conversation, with a series of longform video postcards, featuring the most exciting names in international literature.  

In these intimate conversations, the world’s boldest creative voices discuss their latest books and projects. Be transported to far-flung places, be exposed to unfamiliar perspectives, and discover new ideas.

Here’s one of the first for 2022…Salman Rushdie talking to Sally Warhaft about the email newsletter… more details below:

This event is available on demand from Tuesday 15 February 6.30pm AEDT, until 5pm AEDT Tuesday 22 February 2022 Book now

Salman Rushdie: A Sea of Stories

Salman Rushdie

The great Salman Rushdie, staunch defender of free speech and indefatigable advocate for arts and literature, sends the Wheeler Centre a Postcard From Abroad in this special digital event exploring his remarkable career and latest literary adventure.
Rushdie’s work spans children’s books, essays and non-fiction, along with 14 critically-acclaimed novels, including Midnight’s Children – for which he was awarded the 1981 Booker Prize as well as the 1993 Booker of Bookers and the 2008 Best of the Booker.
Now, he’s embraced a new form: the email newsletter. Twice a week (or, ‘more often if I’m bursting to tell you something’), Rushdie shares the stories that have had the biggest impact on his life directly with subscribers via his newsletter, Salman’s Sea of Stories. Rushdie is also publishing his latest novella, The Seventh Wave, entirely online, chapter by chapter. Inspired by French New Wave cinema, it’s a story about a film director and his muse, imagining a new world while their real world faces ever-amplifying calamity. Like a Godard jump cut, time folds in on itself and all that matters is their present moment.
In this instalment of Postcards From Abroad, Rushdie will speak with broadcaster Sally Warhaft about the impressive breadth of his career: its accolades and controversies, the importance of creative freedom, and the complex, ever-changing waters of his sea of stories.
 The online bookseller for this event is Hill of Content