Latest book cover trends

Well-dressed and distressed: why sad young women are the latest book cover trend

Their lives are tough. Their clothes are stylish. Their faces are hidden. The cover girls of today’s book have a lot in common – but are they here to stay?

This Guardian article by  in February 2022 explores the latest book cover trend…

While an obvious trend is emerging, the primary inspiration for a design for any book cover “is always the text itself”, says Mietta Yans, vice-president of the Australian Book Designers Association, and designer of Novak’s cover.

“And all of these books coming through are about distressed women in their 20s, reflecting on the chaos of life at that point. Maybe it is a result of the pandemic, but I fully relate to these books,” she laughs. “I feel it makes it easier for me to design them.”

Grattan Street Press also discuss book covers


So many industries are subject to trends and fashions, and the publishing industry is no exception. As well as trends within genres (like the growth in rural romance stories), there are also trends in cover design. While I understand that a lot of publishers are happy to jump on the bandwagon of a good idea, I think some trends tend to saturate the market. But I have to say that I do have my favourites! Here are nine trends I’ve noticed in covers for Australian books in 2021. …

1. Overwhelming flora





2. Yellow-red-pink combo for women in the workplace





3. Coral-coloured backgrounds 






4. Hidden by Waves





5. Stylised female figures





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