Indigenising Queer Theory – Seminar 6 July

On the first Friday of every month, Deakin’s Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) Research Network runs a free public seminar. Coming up on Friday 6 July is “Indigenising Queer Theory”, featuring speakers Maddee Clark, Todd Fernando, Laniyuk Garcon Mills, and Dino Hodge – Konstantino Hadjikakou.

Based on a Q&A format, this seminar will explore key questions about Queer Theory in the Australian context. What are the origins of Indigenous Queer Theory in Australia? Are we queering Indigenous Theory, or indigenising Queer Theory? What can Queer Theory take from Indigenous Theory? And how does settler colonialism inform Queer Theory? Join a panel of four thinkers and writers for an interesting and thought-provoking interactive discussion.

The event will run 4-5pm at Deakin Downtown, Collins Street, Melbourne. Before the seminar, from 3pm, there will be a community networking afternoon tea. All welcome, but please register. Details here >