Antonia Pont’s practising…

Forthcoming with Edinburgh University Press: 

A Philosophy of Practising with Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition (Sept 2021)

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Antonia Pont publishes poetry, fiction and essays as well as theoretical work across writing, literature and the creative arts. Her research is concerned with time, transformation, ethical capacity, thought, movement and joy. She is the founder of Vijnana Yoga Australia (2009- ), where she continues to practise, teach and lead retreats.

A remarkable book that asks an unexpected question: what is a practice, what does it mean to practise something, to be a practitioner? Pont’s provocative claim is that a practice isn’t about getting something done or preparing for a future performance. It is a laboratory for the production of a rich, textured and complex nothing, which can transform the way we relate to change. Joe Hughes, The University of Melbourne

Antonia’s collection of poetry You Will Not Know in Advance What You’ll Feel was published in 2019 with Rabbit Poets Series and was shortlisted for the Mary Gilmore Award (2020). She is co-author of Practising with Deleuze (Edinburgh University Press, 2017).

This threshold, the edge of things’—now, this single instant, unfolding through itself time, syntax, memory, want. You Will Not Know In Advance What You’ll Feel has this radically spare structure of thought, within which, against which, Pont is characterful, quick, sensuous, ecstatic. Like Woolf’s novel The Waves, this work creates the silence out of which it speaks. It washes the words in it. Reading these poems, you meet time—face to blind face.
— Lisa Gorton

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