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Bittersweet Twitter

‘I remember well the mix of anxiety and excitement as a little group of Australians huddled around a strange looking box in the press area of the cavernous Chamsil Stadium in Seoul, venue for the closing ceremony of the 1988 Olympic Games. It was the first time that a picture was going to be transferred […]

Attwack of the Celebritwits?

  ‘Amidst the swirling maelstrom of technological progress so often heralded as the imminent salvation to all our ills, it can be necessary to remind ourselves that humanity sits at the centre, not technology… It’s difficult to separate us from our creations but it’s imperative that we examine this odd relationship’ (Chris Arkenburg). It’s been […]

Of Cybermen and the end of relationships as we know them

  The executive director of the venerable New York Times has come out fighting against Facebook and other social media.    Bill Keller has joined the conga line of commentators decrying the end of friendships and knowledge as we know it by arguing that much of the interaction on social media sites is “reductive and […]