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Our primary targets for research funding are ARC DP, ARC Linkage, Defence, including DST Strategic research schemes. We are actively trying to expand the projects with Defence. We will pursue CRC funding. We are very interested in expanding our industry funding and target funding from Health and Wellbeing industries. We are actively seeking new industrial partners and funding from agriculture, transport, energy, oil and gas industries, sport industries. We will continue to engage with and seek actively funding from industries in China, which also includes training and short courses.

Projects and funding

We are actively pursuing Cat 1 and Cat 2-4 funding and involved in preparing grant applications for external funding. At present (moment of write-up) the members of the Data Analytics Lab are engaged in two ARC DP projects, one ARC Linkage and several projects with funding from defence and industries as follows:

• Christopher Leckie; Sarah Monazam Erfani; Sutharshan Rajasegarar; Jeffrey Chan; Vipin Kumar.
Learning the Focus of Attention to Detect Distributed Coordinated Attacks.
ARC – Discovery Project, 2020-2022.

• Chandan Karmakar, Marimuthu Palaniswami, Thomas Penzel.
New entropy measures of short term signals for smart wearable devices.
ARC – Discovery Project, 2019-2021.

• Ye Zhu.
Explore the association rules between the fundamentals and short-term price dynamics.
MITA Capital Management LLC, 2021.

• Wanlei Zhou, Gang Li, Jiage (Jacko) Feng, Tianqing Zhu.
Providing Provable Privacy-preserving Data Sharing Services for the Cloud Campus.
ARC-Linkage, 2018-2020.

• Maia Angelova, Sergiy Shelyag and Ye Zhu.
Modelling networked combat, adversarial C2 and information operations.
DST Group, 2020.

• Gang Li, Wei Luo.
Oil/Gas Wells Surveillance based on Artificial Intelligence Methods. 2019-2020.
The research funding enables to employ post-doctoral research fellows, engage PhD students, attend targeted conferences and invite international collaborators for short term visits.

Completed Projects

Maia Angelova, Ye Zhu, Tim Wilkin, Alex Kalloniatis, Paul Gastin. Intelligent sensor processing for enhancing decision support. DSI, $50,000.

Maia Angelova, Ye Zhu, Sergiy Shelyag. Adversarial decision making networks and directed fires with noncombatant populations. DST group Canberra, $30,000.

Maia Angelova Turkedjieva, Ye Zhu. DST group Canberra. 2018: $12,778.

Xiao Liu, Gang Li. Building a Secure Cloud-based Collaborative CRM System. $25,000.

Hua Yong, Chandan Karmakar, Ron Borland. Identifying smoker subgroups misinformed about nicotine product relative harms. $29,404.

Chandan Karmakar. Wearable Sensor Devices for Monitoring Chronic Diseases. $9,327.


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