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Chandan Karmakar (Co-Director)

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Dr Chandan Karmakar received his PhD from the University of Melbourne ( Australia) in 2012. He is currently working as a Lecturer, in the School of Information and Technology, Deakin University, Australia. He has extensive research experience in Biomedical devices and Signals processing, IoT in Healthcare, Health Informatics and AI in Healthcare. Dr Karmakar has published more than 120 refereed research articles (including one book). For further details of his publications, please explore his: Google Scholar, ResearchGate accounts.

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Sutharshan Rajasegarar (Co-Director)

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Dr Sutharshan Rajasegarar received his PhD from the University of Melbourne, Australia, in 2009. He is currently a senior lecturer at the School of Information Technology, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. His research interests include anomaly/outlier detection, machine learning, sports and health analytics, computer vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), wireless communications, cybersecurity, and Internet of Things (IoT).


Ye Zhu

Senior Lecturer of Computer Science

Dr Ye Zhu got his PhD in Machine Learning and Data Mining with a Mollie Holman Medal for the best doctoral thesis of the year from Monash University in 2017. He achieved his M.Sc. in Computing at Imperial College London, UK. His research works focus on the fields of data mining and machine learning. Particular topics include clustering analysis, anomaly detection, similarity learning and their applications for pattern recognition and information retrieval. Most research outcomes have been published in top-tier conferences and journals, including SIGKDD, IJCAI, AAAI, VLDB, ICML, ICDM, Artificial Intelligence Journal, Pattern Recognition Journal and Machine Learning Journal. He is an IEEE Senior Member and ACM Member. 


Ming Liu - Deakin University | LinkedIn

Ming Liu

Lecturer of Machine Learning

Dr Ming Liu is an early career researcher who works on Natural Langauge Processing and Machine Learning. He proposed the “Learn to actively learn” approahch for active learning and developed a few text summarization models/pipelines (e.g. SummPip, SciSummPip), both of which are widely used in low-resource text generation settings. His reseach has attracted multiple grants, including 2022 Deakin MiniARC, 2023 ARC Linkage (LP220200746). Dr Ming has interest in solving real world text mining problems, paticularly in domain specific settings. 

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Shantanu Pal

Lecturer of Emerging Technology Blockchain

Dr Shantanu’s research interests are Internet of Things, big data and distributed applications, access control, blockchain technology, mobile and cloud computing, distributed networks, security policy, etc.


Ahsan Habib - Lecturer - Deakin University | LinkedIn

Md Ahsan Habib

Lecturer of Software Engineering

Dr Ahsan Habib received his PhD from Deakin University, Australia in 2022. He is currently a lecturer of School of Information Technology at Deakin University. His work focuses specifically on the interpretability mechanisms of deep learning (DL) models to ensure developing trustworthy DL solutions for sensitive domains such as healthcare. He is working in a project developing IoMT data capture platform for BLE sensors and monitoring in daily living conditions. He lives in Melbourne and loves to travel.


Iynkaran NATGUNANATHAN | Deakin University | School of Information Technology | Research profile

Iynkaran Natgunanathan

Lecturer of Data Science

Dr. Iynkaran Natgunanathan earned his PhD from Deakin University, Australia, in 2012. Presently, he serves as a lecturer at the School of Information Technology, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. His diverse research portfolio encompasses biomedical signal processing, safeguarding physiological signal privacy, and addressing privacy concerns in smart metering and location tracking. Dr. Natgunanathan’s expertise extends to machine learning and digital watermarking. He boasts a prolific publication record, with over 40 research articles featured in esteemed conferences and journals.


Postdoctoral Researcher:

 Dr Saifur Rahman


PhD students

Shruthi Narayanan Vaniya 

Emran Ali 

Md Abdullah Al Imran  

Hejia Zhou 

Ishara Herath Mudiyanselage 

Anh Dat Le 

Jyotheesh Gaddam


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