Counting on U Research Program

Update on Research Activities

The Counting on U research program consists of two phases: training delivery and data collection. Training delivery commenced in February 2021 to November 2022, with free training delivered to over 3000 participants. Longitudinal data collection via surveys and interviews commenced in February 2021 and is on-going to September 2023.

We are no longer taking participants for the research program. If you’re interested in registering for training in 2023, please click here.

Research Findings to Date

Over the course of two years, we tracked the efficacy of the program’s content whilst also evaluating program delivery.


Business advisors registered across Australia and N Z


Training sessions delivered to over 3000 participants in 2021-2022


1:1 coaching sessions delivered over late 2022 and early 2023

In our analyses of pre and post-training outcomes, participants reported promising results*:

89% improved understanding of, and ability to recognise signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions

88% were moderately-to-extremely confident in delivering mental health first aid – including listening non-judgementally, providing information on local services or referrals to websites, and encouraging use of self-help resources or seeking professional help

62% reported improvements in the quality of their relationship with clients within 1 month of training

 Participants also reported reduction in stigmatising attitudes towards mental health conditions, in their own psychological distress and in their feelings of discomfort when delivering MHFA 

*As of January 2022

Research Activities


To continue to assess the effectiveness of the training program, participants are in the final stages of completing the following short research activities:



Participants will complete 2 (partial research arm) to 3 (full research arm) short research surveys: one prior to training, and one to two post-training. These 10-minute surveys will measure your understanding and knowledge of mental health, the quality of your relationship with your clients, and your work-related experiences.


Recruitment of SME clients (optional – Full research arm)

Some participants will be asked to help recruit small-to-medium business owner clients to help evaluate the effectiveness of the training. If you are one of these participants, we will request you send an email invitation to 1-2 clients and asking them to complete 3 short surveys at baseline, and 6-and 12-months after your training. Please note that the recruitment of SME clients is optional.


Interviews (optional – Full research arm)

A small number of business advisers and SME clients will be invited to take part in an interview regarding how effective the program has been and how we may be able to improve it.

Further research findings will be released in late 2023 at the conclusion of our longitudinal data collection.