Supportive Leadership + MHFA®

This virtual classroom course upskills Australian and New Zealand leaders to develop team psychological safety and nurture wellbeing whilst also providing them with skills and confidence to respond to and support distressed individuals, refer them to professional help when needed, and practice self-care while assisting others:

  • Learn the elements of supportive leadership and how it impacts team wellbeing
  • Learn ways to cultivate a psychologically safe environment where team members feel valued and are comfortable speaking up
  • Understand and apply skills to manage stress and cultivate work-life harmony (both for yourself and your team)
  • Improve knowledge of mental health conditions, their treatment and appropriate first aid strategies
  • Improve confidence to provide first aid to a person experiencing a mental health condition
  • Decrease stigmatising attitudes
  • Increase the amount and type of support provided to others

Like our Client Relationships + MHFA® course, we tested the efficacy of and participant satisfaction with this course through a pilot group which also resulted in positive outcomes:

Mental Health First Aid and MHFA® are registered trademarks of Mental Health First Aid International.


Contact us to express your interest for this training product and for pricing and registration information. Supportive Leadership (SLT) stand-alone module or SLT + MHFA® combined product is available. Discounts are available for members of CA ANZ, ICB, IPA, FPA and CPA, as well as to Deakin alumni. Group discounts are also available.