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It is expected that almost half of the Australian population will experience a mental health issue during their lifetime[1]. In fact, mental ill-health accounts for Australia’s third highest burden of disease[2], and costs the Australian economy between $43 – $70 billion annually, amongst many other direct and indirect costs[3]. A further $150 billion per year is associated with diminished health and reduced life expectancy for those living with mental ill-health, taking the total cost to approximately $200 – 220 billion per year[4].

On the flip side, organisations with systems in place to support their employees’ wellbeing have lower turnover, higher productivity, and lower healthcare costs, according to multiple studies.

Our team can help you design and implement evidence-backed solutions for your workplace wellbeing needs that caters to both the prevention and treatment/response ends of the mental health strategy spectrum. We use an integrated approach that:

  • identifies and targets the underlying causes and risk factors for mental ill-health at work (e.g., internal causes including the systems and processes at the organisational level, or external issues like financial pressures, supporting distressed clients, physical health problems, bereavement, or relationship breakdowns);
  • promotes wellbeing by developing the positive aspects of work and worker strengths; and
  • provides supportive tools and resources to respond to ill-health.

Custom-designed solutions to enhance team wellbeing and drive high performance

The CoU team’s collective experience working with public and private sector organisations encompasses research and consulting on the following categories and topics, often bridging multiple categories:

Wellbeing at work

  • Managing psychosocial hazards
  • Bullying
  • Suicide prevention
  • Job stress prevention
  • Team resilience
  • Safety culture

Strategic human resources

  • Capability frameworks and skill development
  • Change management
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Organisational culture and behaviour
  • Employee engagement
  • Organisational design

Accounting and small business sector

  • SME sustainability
  • SME ecosystems
  • Financial reporting

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