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Add Counting on U to your organisation’s toolkit for optimising workplace mental health

It is expected that almost half of the Australian population will experience a mental health issue during their lifetime[1]. In fact, mental ill-health accounts for Australia’s third highest burden of disease[2], and costs the Australian economy between $43 – $70 billion annually, amongst many other direct and indirect costs[3]. A further $150 billion per year is associated with diminished health and reduced life expectancy for those living with mental ill-health, taking the total cost to approximately $200 – 220 billion per year[4].

On the flip side, organisations with systems in place to support their employees’ wellbeing have lower turnover, higher productivity, and lower healthcare costs, according to multiple studies.

Our team can help you design and implement evidence-backed solutions for your workplace wellbeing needs.

Looking to better support your employees, clients and leadership teams?

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Our bespoke CoU programs can be tailored to:

Specific audiences: teams within your business, people leaders, or all client-facing employees; custom-designed versions tailored to specific industries and more
Different delivery modes: digital/self-learn online versions, in-house or face-to-face workshops, short/Executive versions, blended and custom-designed
Organisational imperatives: such as leadership development, stress management, developing and maintaining a culture of wellbeing.

Counting on U bespoke solutions are developed and delivered by Deakin’s licensed training delivery partners based on deep subject matter expertise, evidence-based frameworks, and in collaboration with Deakin’s team of researchers and implementation scientists.  


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“Supporting others with mental health issues can be confronting. The Counting on U program pushed me outside my comfort zone by forcing me to consider the impact of mental health problems, and how I could be an effective first aider in this space.

The resources provided before the sessions were excellent. I particularly found the videos based on people’s real-life experiences to be very valuable in understanding different perspectives, and the role plays increased my comfort level of speaking to others about mental health.”

Associate Professor Christine Contessotto

Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University

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