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 “Leaders and the act of leadership have been seen as the panacea for taking the world forward. In this new age, however, leadership may come from those least expected to do the leading.”

Jo Caust, Arts leadership in Contemporary Contexts.

National survey investigating audience centric practice

We begin with a national survey of publicly funded arts organisations (federal, state and local). This survey will reveal how arts organisations currently engage with audiences.

Distributed to staff and board members at publicly funded arts organisations across Australia the survey asks participants to reflect on the work done by their organisation rather than their individual practice and beliefs. Distributed in April 2022, the results will be analysed against the 8-step change model providing us with the ability to talk about, for instance, are our arts organisations leaders, avoiders or adaptors of the reflective practice and evaluation needed to diversify audiences. 

If you would like to know more about the survey or receive a copy of the report, please email

National Survey Report

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