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November 20, 2014

Toro Evistiendo

The artistic intentions are to create a playful yet powerful metaphorical installation that uses interactivity as a bridge between the virtual and the real.

Purpose: To engage the audience in a non-conventional way.

Created by: Dr Jean-Rene Leblanc and Carl Spencer from the University of Calgary. This piece was first exhibited in Calgary, Canada in 2012, in correlation with the centennial Calgary Stampede.

Display type: Video display, interactive game, static background

Target audience: Students and staff

How was it created:  XBox Kinect technology was used to trigger the users interaction with the screens.

Release date: November 2014

Resource intensity:

Deakin University Library 4/5
Calgary University 5/5

Toro-Art-Floor-03 Toro-Art-Floor-02 Toro-Art-Floor-01


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