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Banner promoting the Reading Hour event 'How to keep your teenager reading in a world of distractions'. Alongside the text is a cartoon of a dog reading a book

March 30, 2023

Reading Hour Panel: A digital display

In March the Library created a digital display to promote an upcoming event at Waterfront Campus Library – ‘Reading Hour Panel: How to keep your teenager reading in a world of distractions‘.

The event shared insights provided by school librarians, teachers and booksellers about what measures work and what doesn’t in guiding teenagers to choose and read the books that will interest them, based on the conversations they regularly have with teenagers. It also drew on insights from teenagers themselves about what kinds of help from the adults in their lives are valuable, and what kinds are not. As reading habits often diminish during the teenage years, this session was intended to help the families and friends of teenage readers support a continued enjoyment of reading.

This event was aligned with the Australian Reading Hour, a national celebration of Australians’ love of reading hosted by the Australian Publishers Association.

Five screens showing a digital display to promote the Reading Hour event 'How to keep your teenager reading in a world of distractions'. The screens show information about the event as well as profiles of the panel speakers.

The artwork included in the displays are used design elements from the Reading Hour branding to promote the event in a bright and engaging way. The screens featured information about the event alongside profiles of the panel speakers. 

About the display  

Purpose:  To promote the Reading Hour Panel event and the expertise of the featured speakers.  

Primary target audience: All visitors to the Waterfront Campus Library  

Display type: Static, rotating image files 

How was it created: Adobe Photoshop  

Release date: 22 March 2023  

Resource intensity: 3.5/5 

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