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Wooden scrabble tiles against a yellow background. The tiles facing upward spell out the word search.

March 4, 2022

Help us improve the library search experience

Library search – it’s the launching point for countless discoveries, and a critical tool for helping you find the most relevant and accessible resources for your studies.  

We’re always looking to improve the experience of our library users. Right now we are trialling a new version of Library search, to hopefully make it easier to find the resources you need – and we’d love to know what you think. Just select the link above and to the right of the Library Search box on the library home page to try it out! 

Screenshot of library website including search bar and menus. The link which says 'Try the new search' is circled

Want to try out the new search experience? Follow this link on the library home page.

What is changing? 

This trial version has many of the features of the current search interface, with some improvements – like a cleaner look and feel – and some new ones. 

One new feature is the concept map. It allows you to explore subjects related to your search, so you can preview the results and easily see if the item is peer reviewed.  

There’s a dashboard that you can personalise, where you can save, like, cite, share and download information you’ve found. There is also a general search option, where you can select some filters before you begin – like peer reviewed, online full text and at my library. 

The site is still under construction, so some features you’re used to seeing aren’t available, but there have been some updates to the original interface since last year. If you’ve already tried it, there have been a number of improvements to functionality for you to check out. 

Concept map with dozens of search results surrounding the original search term.

Prefer a visual way to engage with information? The new concept map feature presents your search and related results in a visually engaging way.

Tell us what you think 

We’d really appreciate your feedback. Just select the feedback link on the left menu bar and let us know what you think. 

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