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Three students sit at a table in the middle of a library space. Two are facing towards the camera and smiling while the other is facing away.

March 7, 2022

Have your say on the new Deakin Library Plan

We are inviting you to have your say on the future of Deakin Library through a community consultation process of our new draft Library Plan.  

The future of the Library belongs to everyone at Deakin. It is for this reason that we have taken a co-design approach to shaping our new Library Plan. Over the last six months, we have spoken to students, academics, professional staff, our Alumni, and members of our local communities through a series of interviews, focus groups and co-design workshops. Working with our stakeholders, we have explored a range of community-generated ideas about what the future of Deakin Library could and should be.  

With a range of complex challenges facing Australian universities and academic libraries, and in response to the ambitious agenda laid out in Deakin 2030, we need to embrace new and creative ways to deliver our services and engage with the Deakin community and beyond.  

‘In embarking on this transformation journey, we are seeking to become the benchmark in Australia for library excellence and innovation,’ says University Librarian Hero Macdonald.  

At the core of this new plan are our five strategic priorities: 

  1. Accelerating Ideas to Impact 
  2. Nurturing a vibrant scholarly community 
  3. Advancing human-centred and inclusive knowledge systems and spaces 
  4. Leading the stewardship of Deakin’s information and data resources 
  5. Building a strong, diverse and future-focused library organisation 

We want this plan to reflect a vision for the Library that is shared by Deakin’s community. Therefore, we are now inviting members of the Deakin community to provide feedback on the draft Library Plan.   

You can visit our Library Plan – Community Consultation site to read the consultation paper and provide your feedback via our survey or directly to the University Librarian. We will be taking feedback until COB Friday 18 March 2022, and will present our finalised plan to the University community by mid-April.  

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