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February 14, 2023

Where can I find my prescribed and recommended textbooks?

Since the DUSA bookstore closed in late 2022 we know that many students will be wondering where to find their unit texts. The library is here to help! 

Our new ‘Get textbooks’ page 

We’ve launched a new ‘Get textbooks’ page where you can search for your prescribed and recommended textbooks by unit code. 

Screenshot of the library website with the Skills for Study menu open, showing the 'Get textbooks' menu item.

You can find the Get textbooks page on the library website under the Skills for study menu.

Is this the same as a reading list? 

No – your full reading list is available in Talis, and will usually include a wide range of resources (such as articles, videos, web pages and readings). Often reading lists aren’t completed until closer to the start of trimester, whereas our ‘Get textbooks’ page can help you identify the most important resources with more time before classes begin. 

Screenshot of the Deakin Library homepage showing the 'Access unit readings' link.

You can find your full reading list by following the ‘Access unit readings’ link on the Library homepage.

So do I need to buy my textbooks? 

The choice to purchase textbooks for each unit is up to each student.  

Many of your required texts will be available in the library, but it is important to note that the Library cannot guarantee access to textbooks during periods of high demand, including exam periods. The need for guaranteed access at specific times is something to factor into your decision of whether to purchase a copy or not.  

If you do decide to purchase your textbooks, you can use the details for texts included in the Get textbooks list to search for and purchase texts from your preferred online vendor or bookshop. 

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