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person looks at 'Searching the library' guide on tablet

December 8, 2020

Do you know where to look for what you need?

Uni work will require you to find different types of information or resources. Where you search matters, just as it does when you’re shopping online. Imagine how frustrated you would be trying to find a pair of shoes on a tech website!

It’s the same with the library. Now, knowing where to look for what you need is easier than ever. Using our handy new infographic, you can find the best pathways to search the library.

Click to enlarge or download the full-page guide for easy viewing.

Visual handout displaying the different search bar options on the library website

This guide gives you a breakdown of all the places and spaces you can search in our online library collection. It also gives you tips on how and why searching in those places will help you.

Where is this Searching the Library guide?

Many pathways make for more discoverability! So, we have included the Searching the Library guide in a few places:

Want more searching help?

If you feel like the guide has given you a start on efficient and effective searching but you need a bit more detail, you can explore our Skills for Study hub or reach out to your Liaison Librarian to continue building your digital literacy search skills! 

Any suggestions for improvement on this guide or recommendations on other handouts that would be useful? We’d love to hear them. Just get in contact and share your thoughts.

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