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3 things to do before exams

February 12, 2020

3 things to do before exams kick off

Trimester 3 exams are upon us! You have worked hard all trimester, through holidays and hot weather, and now it’s time to put all that you have learned to the test.

For the last several weeks, we have answered your queries through Library Chat and at our campus service desks. You have booked study rooms and downloaded journal articles and taken advantage of our 24/7 spaces to study late into the night.

Now you’re here, and there is nothing left to do but take your exams. Well…almost nothing. Before exams kick off tomorrow, here are three things we suggest you do.

1. Know your exam location

You’d be surprised how many students rush into the library during exam week, asking us to help them find their exam location. While we’re always happy to help, we recommend you take the time now to make sure you know where your exam is to be held. It may not even be on campus – some exams are off-site and will require extra time to get to.

If the room is on campus, you can use the Deakin Scout app to navigate there. Handy hint: consider walking by your exam location the day before so you can be sure you know how to get there and how much time it will take.

2. Set out the materials you need

Student ID? Pens or pencils? Calculator? Double-check that you have all the essentials before you leave home. Unfortunately, the library doesn’t loan out calculators, so if one is required for your exam, ensure you have it with you. Another common mistake is to bring a printed photocopy of your ID rather than the card itself – you are required to show your Deakin Card before you enter the exam room, so keep it with you on the day!

3. Take care of yourself

It can be easy to let your physical and mental health take a backseat during intensive study periods. According to Associate Professor Steve Fraser in his this. article, ‘Stress less: why exercise could help you ace that exam’, we tend to forgo things like exercise and sleep when we’re stressed.

However, getting a good night’s rest before an exam has been shown to lead to better results, so try to wrap up your final study session early enough to get seven or eight hours of shut-eye. And if you are able, try to take frequent study breaks to stand up, do some shoulder rolls or even take a brisk walk outside. You might even consider walking to your exam to get your blood pumping to your brain right before you sit down and put your knowledge to the test.

We hope these three tips help you start exam week strong! Best of luck with your exams and final projects.

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