Arising out of materials science research into the resins used in the manufacture of carbon fibre composite, this multi-part activity involves students in the testing of various adhesives.  Beginning with testing of the putty-like adhesive Blu Tack and similar generic products, students investigate how adhesives stick to different surfaces.  In the process, they apply the particle model of matter to develop an understanding the way cohesive and adhesive forces are responsible for the properties of adhesives. The second part of the activity involves students making their own glues from household products and testing the properties of these glues. 

This laboratory learning activity (LLA) addresses a range of outcomes described in the Australian and Victorian Curriculum.  It particularly addresses outcomes related to the particle model of matter, science inquiry and the application of science understanding in solving problems.

The following documents comprise the notes and instructions for this activity. The Teachers Notes provide background information and along with the Technical Notes will enable teachers to use the activity. The Student Worksheets are provided (word docs will soon be provided so that you can adapt the activity to suit your needs) and sample answers are provided (in draft form and will be updated soon).

Adhesives Overview

Adhesives Teacher Notes
Adhesives Technical Notes

Adhesives Student Worksheet (Pdf) 
Adhesives Student Worksheet (Word)

Adhesives Sample Answers

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