Cai Wilkinson presented the 10th ‘First Friday’ seminar on ‘From Cold War to Queer War: Homophobia as Statecraft on 7 December 2018. 

Listen to Cai Wilkinson on From Cold War to Queer War: Homophobia as Statecraft

From Cold War to Queer War: Homophobia as Statecraft

The spread of international support for recognition of LGBT rights in recent decades has been accompanied by a parallel resurgence in state-led homophobia in countries such as Uganda, Russia, Indonesia and others. Both internationally and within specific states, the result has been an intensifying and polarising “Queer War” over sexual rights that is intimately linked to questions of national identity and statehood. Drawing on the cases of the US and Russia, this seminar will examine how states have deployed political homophobia both during in the Cold War and the present day and consider how states’ “fear of queer” shapes international politics and affects everyone’s lives regardless of sexuality or gender.

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