On the 24 October, The Deakin Gender and Sexuality Studies Research Network was thrilled to host Sara Ahmed as an international visitor for our ‘Doing Gender and Sexualities Studies’ workshop, which was followed by a sold-out lecture at the Wheeler Centre, ‘On Complaint’.

The workshop, which drew approximately fifty participants from across the research network, featured thoughtful reflections from Sara Ahmed, Louise Johnson, Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Bob Pease and Anne Vickery. It was exciting to see so much enthusiasm and participation from members of the network in its first year, and we hope to see the conversations that came from the workshop develop as we work into the future.

Sara Ahmed’s amazing lecture, ‘On Complaint’, which she delivered to a packed audience at the Wheeler Centre, drew out the complexities of how institutions tackle, bury, and frame complaints. She raised provocative questions, including what it means to be framed as a complainer, and what it means to be part of a community of complainers. You can watch a recording of the lecture below.




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