Our Mission

Sex, gender and sexuality play important roles in people’s everyday lives.

Love. Desire. Pleasure. Intimacy. Relationships. Identities. Practices.

They shape how we understand ourselves and the structures we live in.  They are prominent features of contemporary and historical life, in art and literature, in popular culture and the media, in politics and the law, in marketing and advertising, in health and wellbeing, in the economics of family life and work, and in our public identities and intimate lives. But how is it that sex, gender and sexuality have come to mean so much? What are the histories behind our contemporary understandings and practices? What are the legacies of feminism and LGBTIQ struggles and how do they play out in the present?

At Deakin, we explore these questions through events, research, teaching, and relationships with community partners.

Deakin’s GSS Research Network is a space that fosters scholarly, collegial and community-connected explorations of questions linked to the significance of sex, gender and sexuality in contemporary and historical cultures.

What We Do

The GSSRN fosters collaboration, research community and the exchange of new research and ideas through its ‘First Fridays’ public seminars, HDR masterclasses, and public conferences. The GSSRN also hosts international visitors, works in partnership with community organisations and festivals and has strong links with the curriculum at Deakin.


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Jack Halberstam on Trans*: Visual Representation and the Transgender Body

Jack Halberstam (Columbia University) presented the ‘First Friday’ seminar on Trans*: Visual Representaiton and the Transgender Body at Deakin Downtown on 5 July 2019.  About the seminar  To investigate trans*... Read More
06/05/2019 in Archive, Highlights

Queer Legacies, New Solidarities

  Queer Legacies, New Solidarities   From 22-24 November 2018, Deakin Gender and Sexuality Studies, The Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association & The Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives presented... Read More
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In 2018 Deakin University was proud to become the inaugural Education Partner for the Melbourne Queer Festival (MQFF).  As part of this partnership Deakin has collaborated with MQFF to present special... Read More
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Sara Ahmed, ‘On Complaint’

On the 24 October, The Deakin Gender and Sexuality Studies Research Network was thrilled to host Sara Ahmed as an international visitor for our ‘Doing Gender and Sexualities Studies’ workshop,... Read More