Our workplace giving champions

Some of our remarkable workplace givers Cassie Maniscalchi (Advancement), Angela Fielding (DSA), Kim Brown (DSA), Pam Pritchard (DSA), Malissa Gough (Advancement), Alison Carr (DSA) and Heather Chalmers (DSA).

The Division of Student Administration (DSA) team see first-hand the hardships that some of our students face and the life-changing impact of access and equity scholarships. So it’s not surprising that when their i say u say team asked for nominations for charitable endeavours to support this year, DSA staff voted overwhelmingly to adopt Deakin’s Sanctuary Scholarships for refugees and asylum seekers as one of their fundraising causes.

There are over 30,000 asylum seekers living in Australia, yet only about 200 have been able to study at university. Without a scholarship or other support, a university education is out of reach for these young people, despite their academic potential.

DSA fundraising activities included casual dress Fridays and a ‘brown paper bag’ day where staff donated the value of their lunch to our Sanctuary Scholarships. Together, DSA staff raised a much needed $1520. 

Advancement’s Jonathan Cosgrove and Malissa Gough were delighted to present Certificates of Appreciation to the DSA team and to two staff members, Jane Finlay and Pam Pritchard, for their exceptional contribution to the Deakin GIVE workplace giving program.

“Our workplace givers are helping to fulfil the dream of a university education and giving hope to students who otherwise would not have been able to study at Deakin” Jonathan said.

Jonathan Cosgrove (Director, Development) presents Jane Finlay ( Manager, Access and Equity Partnerships) with a certificate of appreciation for her amazing contribution to the Deakin GIVE workplace giving program.

For Jane, our workplace giving program allows her to ‘chip away’ at the growing inequality she witnesses every day working with students facing a range of barriers to accessing a university education.

“It’s really nice to know that once a fortnight I can make my contribution and I know very personally how that help has impacted some individuals in really hard times. It’s the right place for my money to go and I absolutely believe everyone can give something” Jane said.

Pam agreed. 

“The need for scholarships is always far greater than the funds available. I encourage my colleagues to join me in donating through Deakin GIVE. You don’t have to give a lot to make a difference. If each of us gave a small amount – just four dollars a fortnight – together we could have a big impact” Pam said.