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Brexit vote to take the UK into uncharted territory

The vote by the UK parliament on whether to accept the European Union deal for an agreed exit of the UK from the EU on Tuesday (UK time) will mark the most important decision to be taken in that country’s post-war history. And it is very likely that the UK parliament will take the worst […]

Why are the UK royals so popular in Australia?

In response to this question, I offered the brief reply: The UK royal family has rebounded in public interest largely as a result of a strong and well developed public relations campaign that has been aimed at making the family, and especially its third generation, ‘relevant’ and possibly even ‘cool’, while still pressing the buttons […]

Cameron's 'a la carte' EU idea just national chauvinism?

The English have always been ambiguous towards "the continent". It is, as any self-respecting English person will tell you, full of foreigners. And England’s Conservatives, particularly their more reactionary, chauvinistic rump, have always been anti-European Union. So, as the EU contemplates moving towards greater integration, it was not entirely surprising UK Prime Minister David Cameron […]