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Hong Kong’s pro-democracy campaign in for the long haul

If one was to believe the reporting on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy demonstrations, especially the reporting in Hong Kong, one could be mistaken for believing that it was all but over. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. There is no doubt that the numbers in Hong Kong Central have diminished, especially during the day, […]

Gold, Water and the Struggle for Basic Rights in El Salvador

http://resources.oxfam.org.au/pages/view.php?ref=1508&k Introduction Set among dense green foliage and steep hills, the San Sebastian River, La Union department in eastern El Salvador runs a light orange color, depending on the extent of rainfall. It has variously also flowed anything from a pale yellow to a deep orange. The San Sebastian is a ‘dead’ river, in that […]

Occupy: The Future

‘The Occupy movement is an extremely exciting development. In fact, it’s kind of spectacular. It’s unprecedented…Occupy is the first major public response to 30 years of class war’ (Noam Chomsky, ‘Occupy’)   On the 17th of September the Occupy (Wall Street) movement celebrated its first anniversary. The movement had planned mass civil disobedience for the […]

Online Activism: Experiments in Democracy

With the click of button we can now fight poverty, condemn dictators, and occupy… (insert your home town here). Online activist organisation Getup! offers us the chance to support gay marriage and refugees and asylum seekers. CommunityRun even lets us devise our own campaigns. YouTube offers the perfect place for ideas to begin their viral […]