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Razak’s Malaysia might be crazier than Trump’s America right now

Originally published in crikey.com: https://www.crikey.com.au/2018/01/10/razaks-malaysia-might-be-crazier-than-trumps-america-right-now/ What on earth has happened to Malaysian politics over the past few days? That’s what the country’s long-time opposition figure, Anwar Ibrahim, must be contemplating as he wallows inside his prison cell about 25 kilometres north-west of Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia’s political wheel hasn’t just turned, it has turned inside out: […]

Islamic State child soldiers

I post these attachments without comment other than the idea that there are Indonesian and probably Malaysian child soldiers being training by IS in Syria is deeply disturbing for many reasons. My purpose is to disseminate this information, and its origins: http://www.shoutussalam.com/ http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3Ab4XLefjBqBMJ%3Ash… The text is in Indonesian, which can be machine translated at http://www.toggletext.com/

A sclerotic Malaysian government stumbles in MH370 crisis

If times of crisis show the true mettle of a government, Malaysians must be wondering about their government’s response to missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. After decades of working with a tightly controlled media and, overwhelmingly, getting a very easy run, the Malaysian government has been asked to answer hard questions by unbowed journalists. The […]

Xenonphobia? No, but keep a close eye on Malaysian elections

Although it is a minor diplomatic affront to Australia, it was unsurprising that Senator Nick Xenophon was deported from Malaysia yesterday. Most regional governments rarely tolerate criticism of how they exercise political power. Being kicked out of a regional country — or, worse, facing court — has been, for some regional critics, a relatively common […]

Malaysia’s tectonic shift

The handing down of a ‘not guilty’ verdict on sodomy charges against Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim indicates a tectonic shift in Malaysian politics. Following a previous overturned conviction on a related charge, the immediate outcome of Anwar’s judicial decision is significant, but its longer term implications could be profound. In a country in which […]