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The Social and Environmental Costs of Coal Seam Gas Mining in New South Wales

 In the past decade, the expansion of the coal seam gas (CSG) industry in Australia has been nothing short of momentous. In the Eastern states, where the growth has been concentrated, this progression has generated increasing social and environmental concerns. Uncertainty regarding the effect of coal seam gas extraction upon ground water aquifers, the full […]

Who Owns Coal Seam Gas in New South Wales (and who can stop it being mined)

This article has been published on The Conversation 11th May. Here is the link http://theconversation.edu.au/who-owns-coal-seam-gas-in-new-south-wales-and-who-can-stop-it-being-mined-696   Earlier this week, Marrickville City Council in suburban Sydney blocked an attempt to mine coal seam gas on privately owned land in the inner-city area of St Peters. The Council imposed a condition on the development application order for […]

National Coal Seam Gas: An Important Step in Protecting Water

A new national agreement designed to protect water resources from coal seam gas extraction and coal mining could offer a level of protection so far unseen in Australian environmental legislation. Any states serious about protecting water for farming and the environment should be signing up. theconversation.edu.au/national-coal-seam-gas-agreement-an-important-step-in-protecting-water-5654