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Thai junta cracks down on media

It was, perhaps, an act of optimism to believe that a media conference would be called by the Thai army to explain, as it had announced, its concrete plans for the restoration of Thailand’s democracy. This is especially so given that, when local journalists questioned Thai army officials a few days ago about when democracy […]

Bittersweet Twitter

‘I remember well the mix of anxiety and excitement as a little group of Australians huddled around a strange looking box in the press area of the cavernous Chamsil Stadium in Seoul, venue for the closing ceremony of the 1988 Olympic Games. It was the first time that a picture was going to be transferred […]

Indonesia’s heavy-handed censorship backfires

In Indonesian political culture, there was a view that inconvenient or challenging truths should be suppressed in order to retain harmony. This view had largely disappeared from Indonesian political life in the 1950s, but was re-invented by former President Suharto in order to remove challenges to his personalised authoritarian rule between the mid-1960s and the […]