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November 18, 2020

Watch and learn: check out library streaming videos

Image credit source: Kanopy, Inc.

You probably know by now that the library gives you access to hundreds of thousands of books, journals, articles and papers. But did you know we also have an amazing collection of videos you can stream from your device?

The library’s video collection contains a huge range of documentaries, feature films, Australian current affairs, rare historical footage, sound effects and more that you can use in your research. Some projects or assessments might require you to watch a specific film. Accessing the full, high-quality version is critical as often YouTube versions are truncated or very poor quality.

Especially if you’re a visual learner, watching videos can be a great way of learning and add richness to your study. Many of the films in our collection allow you to see footage of a historical event or figure, archival footage and interviews that will bring a topic to life, or a person talking directly about their work, ideas or experiences.  

You can browse the Streaming videos and music page to learn more about what’s available or look for a specific video by title in Library Search.

No matter what you study, you will find something of value in these collections. Our fantastic Liaison Librarians have put together some of their video recommendations for each faculty below.

Arts and Education

For disciplines such as creative arts, where you are studying the practical application of skills, streaming videos are a great opportunity to see artists, performers or writers engaging in their practice from their studios, workshops or rehearsal spaces.

Some useful collections and treasures for Arts and Education students:

Business and Law

If you are looking for an introduction or a deep dive into a topic or to reframe concepts you have learned, the video resources available through the library can support and enhance your studies. 

Some favourites for Business and Law students include:


Access Medicine is a valuable resource for Health students. This database has a multimedia tab that contains 11 multimedia modules, such as an auscultation classroom, Harrison’s Podclass, lectures, patient interviews and procedural videos.

The multimedia component is highly valuable to the medical or nursing student or professional when learning how specific issues in the body arise and how to diagnose and treat conditions, as it assists in deeper learning of the subject area. 

Other recommendations for Health students:

Science, Engineering and the Built Environment

The SEBE Liaison Librarians recommend a variety of streaming video platforms to students and unit chairs as a way of engaging in more practical, visual learning and sparking conversation in the classroom environment.

Some favourite platforms for SEBE include:

These streaming resources are another channel for students to learn and engage in their subject area.

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