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October 7, 2021

Study tips to make the most of your exam preparation time

Exams and final assessments are just around the corner, and we know you’re hitting the books this Study Week to prepare. We wanted to share some helpful advice to help you study smarter, not harder – so we turned to the fount of wisdom that is #studytok. 

A little advice from Deakin 

Did you know Deakin University has an official TikTok? They even had Dr Robin Bellingham, a Deakin Senior Lecturer in Education, share a few exam study tips. 


Here are a few exam study tips from Dr. Robin Bellingham. Good luck to everyone for their upcoming exams! #deakin #deakinuniversity #exams #study

♬ Spider – Dallas Tamaira

Remembering what you read and revise 

Feel like nothing you read stays in your brain for long? Try using active recall study techniques, such as writing and answering your own questions about the topic. 


Study Memory tricks 🧠 Have you ever tried any of these? #studytricks #studytok #memory #student #fy

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Or ‘blurting’, where you brain dump what you already know, and compare it to the source material – so it is easy to see what you need to focus on. 


this legit got me my A* in Biology. active recall bb #studytok #studyhacks #studywithme #studytips #revisiontechniques #school

♬ Coffee Music – Cafe Music BGM channel

Love a useful app or website? 

They say there is an app for everything, and there certainly are plenty to help you study. 

If you thrive on organisation, or just need help prioritising your time, this scheduling app will keep you on task. 


which one was ur fav🤔 #fyp#foryou#study#studytok#app#apps#website#college#highschool#vibe#vibes#vlog#vlogs#asmr#kpop#krnb#school#aesthetic#student#fy

♬ Fly High x Peaches – Roy C

Or if you find repetition and a little bit of pressure helps things stick, try this app for flash cards and quizzes. 


the best app for studying! flascharfs, quizzes, and notes 🙂 @StudySmarter howtostudy studytok studysmarter appsforschool highschooltips

♬ Sunrise – Official Sound Studio

And if you focus better listening than reading, this screen reader website will come in handy.  


This website has helped me so much when I’m studying & taking notes! Can’t believe it’s actually FREE #schoolhacks #studytips @speechifyapp

♬ original sound – Emily!!!

Fuel your brain with healthy snacks 

It’s important to eat well when you study, but you don’t want to keep getting up to peek in the fridge at your options. These healthy snack ideas are great to have in your study space, so you can stay nourished and in the zone.  


This is all based on research! I’m gonna make sure to incorporate these in my daily meals😁 Blue light glasses from @hestasi #studytok

♬ original sound – angelica🤓

And once you get to the night before… 

It’s the night before your big exam, and you don’t want to fry your brain re-reading all the class materials or doing another practice exam. Instead it’s time to bring back our friend the ‘blurting’ method – and work in short, focused blocks. Then get a good nights sleep!  


#gcse #studytok #revision

♬ Oliver Twist – ArrDee

And our number one tip if you’re having trouble focusing on your studies? Put your phone away and stop scrolling through TikTok! After you have followed Deakin University, of course.  

A word from the library

Make sure you have all the online resources you need before you start your online assessments – some library e-books have a limit on how many people can access them at once. Don’t forget that the library has lots of resources to help you study, and our staff are here to help if you need it. Good luck!

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