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June 24, 2021

Open Educational Resources grants awarded

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are educational materials that are made available under an open licence. They can be used and shared at no cost. Students can freely access the materials and retain their own copies, which makes them some of the most useful and valuable resources around. Depending on the licence of the resource, they can even be adapted to specifically support a unit or course. OERs include textbooks, simulations, quizzes and other formats.

Deakin students love OERs, and the library is always working with academics and unit chairs to make as much use of them as we can.

Recently, applications were called for the Open Educational Resources Grant Program to support the use of OERs in units and courses. The response was amazing, and we are excited to congratulate those now involved in the program:


  1. Andrew Cain (Team)
  2. Tricia Wevill (Team)
  3. Jillian Healy
  4. Mark Luther (Team)

Arts and Education 

  1. Adam Brown (Team)
  2. Andrea Nolan (Team)
  3. Leesa Davis

Business and Law

  1. Dr Sarah Steen
  2. Paul Fallon (Team)


  1. Cailin Mellberg (Team)
  2. Ian Fuelscher (Team)

As part of the program, the projects teams will be able to attend training on OERs and participate in monthly sessions to further our practical understanding of using OERs in units.

Congratulations to the successful applicants!

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