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April 28, 2022

Launching the new Library Plan

We are excited to announce the launch of the Library Plan: 2022-2025, which lays out an exciting and ambitious agenda for the future of Deakin Library.

The new plan is the result of an extensive university-wide consultation and co-design process. The Library sought input and feedback from hundreds of people across the organisation and beyond – students, academics, professional staff, alumni and members of Deakin’s broader communities. Using the valuable insights and aspirations from all our stakeholders and partners, the new Library Plan articulates a shared vision for the future.

‘This Library Plan lays out a transformational pathway for Deakin Library to reimagine itself as the hub of an ideas eco-system that has profound and long-lasting impact,’ says Deakin’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic Professor Liz Johnson. ‘Its combination of broad thinking, evidence-based practice, community input and deep expertise has created an outstanding guide for the development of our Library. I am delighted to commend this Plan to the Deakin community.’

The Library Plan identifies the vision, key principles and strategic priorities which will drive the Library’s work over the coming years.

Our vision

Deakin Library will enable a vibrant, rich and inclusive ideas eco-system to flourish within Deakin, and contribute to the creation of a more informed, progressive and socially-just society globally.

Our strategic priorities

  1. Accelerating Deakin’s global reach and impact
  2. Nurturing a vibrant scholarly community
  3. Advancing human-centred and inclusive knowledge systems and spaces
  4. Leading the stewardship of Deakin’s information and data resources
  5. Building a strong, diverse and future-focused library organisation

You can read the new Library Plan on our website.

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