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November 2, 2020

Check out the new Library Resource Guides page

Did you know the library has more than 100 Resource Guides? Resource Guides are created by expert librarians across all four faculties, collecting key resources and databases for a huge range of subject areas. They are regularly updated and tailored for your area of study, so you’ll find only the most relevant information.

Finding the right guide for your needs is key. This has driven a recent library project to make some changes to this area of our website. As part of this work, we improved navigation and added better access to relevant study materials or skills that match individual needs.

In fact, to ensure we were better supporting your needs, we made several designs and then chatted with students to check how easy they found them to use! Their feedback helped us fine-tune the pages and make sure we provided the best result possible.

So, what has changed? We:

Tip icon: orange exclamation pointHot tip!

If you can’t find a guide on a particular subject, we strongly encourage you to click on the ‘Contact your librarian’ button at the top of the landing page and let us know. We might have something relevant ready to roll or we can add it to our next steps plan!

Like all webpages, the Library Resource Guide landing page is one that will continue to change and improve over time. We are always looking for ways to make the content on our website more useful for you. Stay tuned in 2021 for even better functionality when moving around our guides.

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