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March 11, 2020

[a]RT search: (almost) real-time search

(a)RT Search is an experimental piece of work that uses Google Analytics data we collect via the search box on our library website homepage to visualise searches from the past 30 days. Searches are displayed in ‘almost’ real-time, with a one-hour lag for the most recent search terms.

Our vision for (a)RT Search was to deliver a browser-based visualisation that can be multi-channel. That is, something we could use for large-scale digital displays, individual computers, mobile devices or presentation screens.

screenshot of almost real time search browser display

As an experiment, (a)RT Search complements existing ways of viewing collection usage and search, rather than acting as a replacement for any existing processes or platforms. It is limited to data collected from our library homepage search box.

To this end, we don’t expect ‘perfection’ – but rather a solid, working experiment. We do expect this to be an engaging, vibrant and highly visual way of representing (almost) real-time user interaction with our collections and search from our homepage.

This experiment has been a learning experience for us around delivering real-time data visualisation, which has the potential to be applied to a variety of other solutions in the future.

For more information on (a)RT Search, please email Deakin Library’s Digital Experience team.

Primary target audience: Library staff, Students using library spaces

Display type: Browser-based

How was it created: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Google Analytics, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Release date: February 2020

Resource intensity: 4/5


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